Play & learn: animals, colors, numbers, letters, animal sounds, names, curiosities

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Discover wonderful animals from all over the world!

💡 Did you know that ...?
• 🐬 dolphins have a heart-shaped pupil
• 🐦 crows are able to imitate the calls of other species
• 🦁 the lion's roar can be heard up to 8 km away

Names and verses of animals but also colors, letters, numbers and more than 300 curiosities!

🎮 Games included for each category with difficulty of your choice:
• memo
• guess the shape
• choose the right element

Simple and immediate to use even for the little ones, completely without advertising!

🔊 Pronunciation of names in 7 languages.

Application features:
• high resolution photos, names and calls of animals, without background for a better and faster learning
• pronunciation of names
• over 300 interesting curiosities about animals, colors and numbers
• 7 languages supported: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, German
• presentation mode (automatic scrolling playback)
• change the volume from each screen
• option for random sorting
• option to show only your favorite items
• various pronunciation options
• option for full screen mode
• option to block some commands (to avoid inadvertently exiting the App, changing screens, turning the volume too high)
• direct link to the Wikipedia page for any curiosity
• option to disable the link to Wikipedia in curiosities
• option to set the action of the back button
• option to block some commands by default

Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play